Maitsemaa catering

Maitsemaa offers freash, tasty, and well balanced food.
We work in a new kitchen equipped with modern technology. This gives us the opportunity to offer the best quality wich will surely meet your expectations/desires.
All our meals are prepared from start to finish in our kitchen with fresh and high quality ingredients using local food.
We own a modern catering equippment to ensure good on-site service.
Previous catering experiences have given us the knowledge of how much food to plan for different events.
Whether there are 20 or 200 people, there is always food for all guests.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our service, please email or call us.

Catering at different events

We offer catering service for many different events including…

Summer and winter days
Holiday events (Christmas, New Years, etc.)
graduation partys

Maitsemaa OÜ does not offer services for wedding events


Hot food

Pork neck chop braised in port wine
Pork filled stuffed with sage cream
Orange-mint pork tenderloin
Roasted pork with caramelized carrots
Chicken fillet glazed with mint sauce
Crispy chicken with almond coating
Baked salmon with pesto and cherry tomatoes
Duck breast fillet with spicy orange sauce
Slow cooked veal cheek

Side dishes

Baked potatoes with garden herbs
Boiled potatoes with herbs
Roasted vegetable-quinoa salad
Caramelized vegetables
Green salad with lemon dressing
Fresh vegetable platter
Baked vegetables
Red cabbage stewed in blackcurrant juice

Sauces are offered according to the menu selection

Cold food and Snacks

Salami roll with smoked cheese
Pork with onion marmalade
Glazed pork ribs
Black plum with smoked bacon
Spanish beef cuts
Spicy chicken fillet strips with vegetables
Italian chicken fillet with prosciutto ham
Chicken roll stuffed with fruits
Spicy chicken wings with mild celery sauce
Breaded fish in spicy tomato sauce
Salted salmon with crispy ciabatta
Herring with red onion


Feta cheese salad with olives and nuts
Classic potato-ham salad
Pasta salad with chicken fillet
Green smoked trout salad with mayonnaise sauce


Flavored water, juice
Coffee, tea

Please select the dishes that suit you from the menu and contact us for a price quote.

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