Leader Project Information

Maitsemaa OÜ improves the capacity of transport and logistics

In October 2021, Maitsemaa OÜ submitted an application for financing "Maitsemaa OÜ transport and logistics improvement in the company" to the Leader program, which received a positive financing decision at the beginning of January. In the spring, a tender procedure was also carried out for the construction of an inventory storage room and a trolley shelter, for which Pops OÜ submitted the best offer. The construction activity took place in July and August, now the construction is finished and is already being used.

The extension gives us the opportunity to organize our work better, and good storage conditions ensure a longer life for our inventory.

As part of the second project (at the beginning of 2023), it is planned to acquire a four-wheel drive vehicle with which the company can offer its customers service in hard-to-reach places.

General information of the project:
Applicant: Maitsemaa OÜ
Total cost of the project: EUR 58,371.67
Subsidy: EUR 24,611
Self-financing: EUR 33,760.67
Project financier: PRIA, a project grant under the Leader measure ( MAK 2014-2020)
Project planned final implementation time: November 2023.